SSID Collection

Why do we need to collect SSID?

Thanks for allowing us to explain why we need to collect SSID all over the country. We intend to provide our triple play bundle package to everyone in the Philippines with unlimited WIFI, IPTV and banking services. Our goal is to be able to provide a new mesh internet technology with nationwide coverage for roughly one third the price of existing broadband services.

We are ConnectPH Alliance, an exclusive marketing group chosen to offer this new digital technology platform. Our core mission is to Unite and Connect the Filipino People with these bundle services. We need your help in allowing us to collect the SSID access points throughout the country. The Apps we use to collect the SSID access points will not compromise your password to the world wide network. We guarantee your privacy regarding your WIFI hotspot. For your peace of mind, you may change your password to your network after our Apps have collected the access point in your area.

Our goal in collecting the access points are to create a continuous point to point WIFI coverage throughout the country. Our company is taking on the challenge of providing natiowide fast speed internet service at an affordable price. It is something that has never been attempted by any company before us and we ask for your help in pioneering this effort.

The consortia of owners, whom we have the exclusive marketing rights with, have secured business relationship with existing WIFI providers that allow us, the marketing group, to expand connectivity throughout the Philippines.

Your cooperation will benefit every individual, family, company, religious organization and government as a whole.