IPTV & WIFI Activation Instructions

  1. Download “GlobalFlix App” from Google Play
  2. Type in “GlobalFlix” in the Google Play search field and look for GlobalFlix icon to ensure the correct app—->Click Here

3. Install the GlobalFlix App on your device. It will look like this on your device once it is installed.


4. Go to www.myglobalflix.com click on the Register Philippines tab.

Click on Register Philippines tab

5. You will be taken to the next page, click on PHP [Philippines Peso] and click on “Continue Shopping”

6. After clicking on the “Continue Shopping” link you will need to click on the “Order Now” button.

7. Complete the Payment Information Form.

8. After you click on the “Checkout” button, you have completed the payment process. Please check your email and look for 4 emails coming from GlobalFlix.

Here are the 4 emails you will receive:

The 4th email “Your Streaming Service Info” will have your username/password for IPTV

9. The 4th email looks like this, it is called “Your Streaming Service Info” it will have your username and password for your IPTV. Use the username and password on your IPTV app and enjoy watching.

Your IPTV Activation is complete, enjoy the show!!

10. Now it is time to activate your WIFI Service. Go back to the 4th email you received from GlobalFlix, at the bottom of the page register for your WIFI service by click on the “Please Signup For Global Connect Here” link.

Congratulations, your Wifi Activation is completed!!